About Us / TFN

The Feminist Network (The Fem Net) is a growing group of feminists from across the country and world, who aim to defeat legislation that restricts women's rights & raise public awareness of the challenges that women still face at disproportionate rates. We seek to be a unique conglomerate of organizations, alliances, and feminists from all different backgrounds who are passionate about sharing ideas and building campaigns around women's rights issues.

We focus not just on the societal front (with expanding social media groups and a twitter), but on the political sphere, with sophisticated, targeted campaigns made possible through our members, and through Democracy for America (with whom we are affiliated).

Join us, and become a part of something pretty cool.

Mel / Founder

Mel is a student at the University of Chicago studying Political Science, and an intern at Democracy for America. She lives in Michigan

Keaton / Webmaster

Keaton is a student at West Texas A&M University, who has worked with computers all his life.

Helen / Blog Manager

Helen loved feminism before she knew it was a thing. Now studying sociology at the University of Chicago, she's an aspiring writer, researcher, and whatever else the world has to offer.

Katrina / Head Artist

Katrina is a student at Roosevelt University and is studying to be a pediatrician or a pediatric surgeon. She is originally from Russia.

Lande/ Project Manager

Lande is a student at Palo Alto High School who is passionate about feminism and politics. She lives in California.

Tyler / Editor

Tyler is a junior at Michigan State University, where he is a public policy major. He is a journalist at The State News.